FTX partners with Reddit to empower online communities

FTX partners with Reddit to roll out tokenized Community Points

August 9, 2022

We are thrilled to launch our global partnership with Reddit today. Reddit introduced Community Points back in 2020 as a novel way to empower its online communities. In 2021, Reddit selected Arbitrum in a scaling bake-off to bring Points to the Ethereum mainnet using Arbitrum Nova. Today, users can collect and get access to Points earned via FTX Pay. 

Reddit Community Points

Reddit Community Points are a measure of reputation in users’ communities. In subreddits, they are displayed next to usernames, so the biggest community contributors stand out from the crowd. Because Community Points are on the blockchain, users can take your reputation anywhere they want on the Internet. For more information on how you can empower your community, please visit the Community Points page.

Using FTX Pay

Respect is earned, not purchased. Once earned through active engagement and other activities, you can view your Points within the Reddit Vault wallet on mobile or web. Users need Eth for gas fees to transact with their Community Points on-chain, and FTX Pay allows them to do that.

Gas fees to use Points (in the example below, to gift Points) will be displayed prior to the transaction. 

Reddit Vault via FTX

A screenshot on Reddit on Community Points

If you have insufficient network fees, you will be prompted to purchase additional ETH, handled by FTX Pay, a regulated crypto payments service managed by FTX.

FTX Pay on Reddit network fees

You will then be directed to authenticate into an FTX account and buy ETH easily via a credit or debit card.

Buy ETH on Reddit through FTX

We are excited to help bring Reddit’s vision to life and help communities break free of walled gardens and take ownership of their existence online. We welcome you to check out Community Points!

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